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We will draw a cheque for payment into the account/s you specify and debit the total amount to your Visa Credit Card account. It is your responsibility to confirm that the financial institution maintaining any such account processes each payment. You will have to take your own steps to close the accounts with any financial institutions if you wish to do so. Balance transfers may only be made to accounts with financial institutions in Australia in Australian currency. The transfer of the balance will not occur until you have accepted the Terms and Conditions of your Visa Credit Card contract by activating your card.
By submitting this application I authorise Bank First and the financial institutions specified above to process this Balance Transfer Request.
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Please ensure you view our Financial Services Guide (FSG) , Credit Guide and Terms and Conditions (Product Information, Fees and Charges, Interest Rates), before acquiring any products. The FSG outlines the financial services we provide, remuneration we receive or pay for providing these services and our dispute resolution procedures. You may view these documents at any time via our website, or obtain copies in a Member Service Centre or by calling 1300 654 822.

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